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As cheesy as it sounds, I’m a storyteller with a passion for community - I love digging into the heart of a narrative and finding how it ultimately encourages human connection. This has always been my interest in storytelling. 


That said, my first love is performing. As a kid I was always dancing and acting, and as an adult, became professionally trained at both. Very quickly, however, I became frustrated at the limited roles and opportunities in both fields so I turned my attention to generating my own projects. I stepped into producing in early 2013 and now I’m focusing on writing & directing particularly in immersive media. The irony isn't lost on me that while my drive is to encourage community I've been drawn to what is currently one of the most isolated means of storytelling. I believe, however, that the various mechanisms of immersion change our capacity to tell stories on the screen - they have the potential to magnify a story's the emotional resonance and, hopefully, deepen people's connections both inside and out of the experiences.


My skill set combines my work experience in social policy development focussing on international human rights and indigenous affairs, with my passion for performance as a dancer and actor, and my fascination with tech to bring a unique perspective to all stories I tell.

I am a multi-hyphenate cross-platform screen content creator.


I am an actor/producer on series STARTING FROM NOW (SFN), which has amassed over 35 million views across more than 230 countries with Seasons 4 and 5 being acquired for broadcast in Australia. I recently won Best Actress in a Webseries at the Vancouver Webfest 2017 for my work on season 5. SFN has won numerous awards around the world including the IAWTV Diversity Award at HollyWeb 2017, Best Narrative Feature at the Mardi Gras Film Festival 2016 and Most Outstanding Ensemble Cast at the LA Webfest 2016.


I am writer/director on Screen NSW supported virtual reality series BREACH which is currently being sold for distribution. My first project as a producer, feature film SKIN DEEP won the AfterEllen Best Indie Film of 2015 as well as a Honourable Mention for Best Narrative Feature at the Austin Film Festival 2014 and has been nominated for the Australian Writers and Directors Guild awards and is currently shortlisted for the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Awards.


As an actor, I can also be seen in Debby Ryan's latest feature film RIP TIDE, VR series REMEMBER, online sci-fi series RESTORATION, Joel Edgerton’s feature film FELONY, sci-fi TV series CLEVERMAN and upcoming indie feature CHOCOLATE OYSTER.


In 2015, I was selected as one of Screen NSW Emerging Producers as well as a Screen Producers Association Australia (SPAA) Ones to Watch. I currently sit on the SPAA Advisory Board and am a Vice President of Women in Film and TV NSW in Australia.

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