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Starting From Now

Digital Series

Relationship drama

5 Seasons: 6 Episodes per season , 7-14 minutes each 

Directed: Julie Kalceff

Written: Julie Kalceff

Produced: Julie Kalceff and Rosie Lourde

Starring: Rosie Lourde, Bianca Bradey, Lauren Orrell, Sarah Depossess

35 million views aggregated

230 countries

Sold to broadcast TV in Australia

Starting From Now is a lesbian love quadrangle that explores the entangled, increasingly complicated lives of its four protagonists as they struggle to work out who they are, find a place where they belong, and maybe even find someone to love along the way.  


Best Actress - Rosie Lourde (Vancouver WebFest, 2017)

Award for Outstanding Diversity (Melbourne Webfest, 2017)

The International Academy of Web Television Award of Recognition (Hollyweb Festival, 2017)

Audience Award for Best Narrative (Mardi Gras Film Festival, 2016)

Best LGBT Web Series (Web Series Festival Global, 2016)

Outstanding Writing in a Drama - Julie Kalceff (LA WebFest, 2016)

Best Original Music Score - John Dunlop (IndiePossible International Film Festival, 2016)

Outstanding Ensemble Cast in a Drama (LA WebFest, 2016)

Best Web Series (She Web Fest, 2015)

Best Supporting Actress - Sarah de Possesse (NYC WebFest, 2015) 

YouTube  Trailer  Website


Virtual Reality short film


7 minutes

Shortlisted for Sundance New Frontiers 2016

Directed: Rosie Lourde

Written: Rosie Lourde

Produced: Rosie Lourde and George Kacevski

Society is fractured and rapidly disintegrating – a virus has made the human race infertile, but, somehow, you are born and must survive. With no ability to interact you can only hope that others will keep you safe. But who can you trust and for how long?

Skin Deep

Feature Film

72 minutes

A heart warming urban adventure following Leah, straight-laced and scared after being diagnosed with terminal melanoma, as she goes on an unlikely journey with a stranger, Caitlin, where both are pushed beyond their comfort zones and finally asked if they will “choose life”... while they still can. 


Best Independent Feature Film (AfterEllen, 2015)

Honourable Mention for Best Narrative Feature (Austin Film Festival, 2014)

Best Independent Films (BuzzFeed Australia, 2014)



Best Feature shortlist (Australian Academy of Cinema and Television, 2017)

Best Feature Film – Jonnie Leahy (Australian Directors Guild, 2017)

 Best Original Screenplay – Monica Zanetti (Australian Writers Guild, 2015)


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